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Newsletter from Värmdö MarineThings, April 2021

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Newsletter from Värmdö MarineThings

Now it is finally starting to be spring for real. One or two seagulls can be heard among the other birds that, with feelings of spring, wake us up earlier in the morning. A wonderful time where vegetation begins to sprout little by little and there is much to look forward to. While waiting for nature's progress, we can dedicate ourselves to reviewing what needs to be done with our dear floating fabrics. How has the boat coped with winter storage? What were we thinking last fall about what we set out to fix next year? What wore out or broke? The list may not need to be that long and the trick is usually to actually just get started with what needs to be arranged and then it can be good to have the products you know you need so that something is done once you head down to the boat.

During the winter, we have expanded our range and are now resellers of products from wholesalers such as Poly-Produkter, Scandinavia's leading rope supplier, Nautec (Watski), big enough, WASI, one of Germany's leading suppliers of stainless steel products, Robert Lindemann KG, one of Central Europe's leading suppliers of premium brands in boat accessories such as Wichard, Allen, Barton, Rutgerson, Quick, etc.

We want to strike a blow for certain products that may be of interest ahead of the boating season. During April, we have a really good price on the bilge pump Whale Superb 650. A smart pump with built-in automation that empties down to 10mm. The pump is only 54mm high as the outlet is horizontal and therefore often fits under, for example, the engine, which is often the lowest point in the keel. See more in our shop:

Shose clamps. Sad things but oh so important. They should be examined before each launch and if they show signs of rust, 

gang pie or cracks, they must be replaced. My own research has shown that it is not so much fun to find your boat hanging by the cleats at the y-boom due to defective hose clamps. Our hose clamps are of course made of acid-resistant stainless steel. No boat owner wants hose clamps made of other materials. We now have a 20% discount on all hose clamps until the end of June. Valid while stocks last. See our hose clamps here:

You mustn't forget how you look yourself. It is an important part of self-esteem

knowing that you are well dressed for every situation on the lake. What would a regatta be without these stylish socks. Maybe with a pair of both fashionable and foot-friendly sandals? In addition, they can be a great help in navigation. If in doubt as to which direction to put the rudder, a quick glance down is enough to conclude that the rudder should be put towards green. Because surely green means "right"? Perhaps a given gift for a new boat owner? You can find these stylish boat accessories here:



This is only a selection of what we have in the store. Of course, we do not have the opportunity to build a warehouse of everything that our suppliers offer. If there is something you are missing in our range that one of our suppliers has, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with a price. You can reach us via the shop's home page where there is a link "Contact us". We also have a chat that you can reach via the same page. It is Facebook Messenger that we have integrated. It is fine to use it without logging into Facebook/Messenger. Alternatively, email us at

Our store is at in case anyone missed it. We are also on Facebook, where you can find us via We are in the process of setting up the store there as well, but at the moment it is quite a mess. There are no categories yet, so everything is mixed up. But we are working on getting it done.

With wishes for a pleasant boating summer 2021 from Värmdö MarineThings.

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