STORM-Y vinröd 16mm 4.0 m
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  • STORM-Y vinröd 16mm 4.0 m

STORM-Y burgundy 16mm 4.0 m


Mooring line for Y boom StormY


Mooring to a Y boom does not have to be complicated. With this mooring line for y-boom, mooring your boat becomes easy and smooth as it is specially developed for mooring at y-boom. With optimized lengths, mooring becomes very smooth. In this way, you also avoid unnecessarily long stanchions that take up space in your boat or at the y-boom.

StormY is equipped with a cowl at one end, for easy installation at your y-boom. With the help of a shackle, you attach the rope directly to the boom. This way you avoid stress when mooring your boat.
The case is made of nylon to avoid rust.
StormY is made of polyester that is UV-treated to withstand several years of outdoor use. The rope is durable and keeps its shape well even after several seasons.
If the rope is shorter than 50 cm between the button and the y-bar, we recommend that you supplement with a mooring spring. This is to help the line spring in an optimal way. If the rope is longer than 50 cm between the button and the y-bar, it has more room to spring on its own, and you do not need to buy an additional shock absorber.


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