Shaped Proflex 6x12 meters
  • Shaped Proflex 6x12 meters
  • Shaped Proflex 6x12 meters

Shaped Proflex 6x12 meters


1852 Proflex Tarpaulin 240g/m2, cut to shape 6x12m


Rectangular tarpaulin Strong Rip-stop polyethylene Welded edge bands

A tarpaulin protects against the elements, but it must be able to do much more. It must also be able to be used again and again, and then it must be easy to work with.

The shaped tarpaulin tapers after 2/3 of the total length. The narrower short side is half as long as the width of the tarpaulin. The edge is reinforced with markings every 10 centimeters where you can make holes yourself. No metal eyelets that can cause scratches in the gelcoat.

· 240 g./m2 reinforced PE in top quality - the best protection for the boat in all weather!
· Long life - withstands frost and sun without crack. From -40° to 80°C.
· High UV protection - protects against sunlight.
· Eco-friendly and economical - made from environmentally friendly HDLD polyethylene (high density polyethylene), which is recyclable and non-polluting during combustion.
· There is preparation for holes (Ø 15 mm) every 10 cm, the holes are welded to reinforcing tape for best durability.

Canvas type: 100% polyethylene HDPE leno material, LDPE coating
(high density polyethylene canvas with low density polyethylene coating)
Canvas weight: 220 g/m2
Tarpaulin weight: 230-250 g/m2
Tensile strength: 580 N / 5 cm in the longitudinal direction = 59 kg. 440 N / 5 cm in the width direction = 45 kg.
Temp. range: -40 / + 80°C
UV resistant: 200 Kly
Size: Finished size, +/- 2%
Finishing: Longitudinal fastening tape.
Fixing tape: 250 g /m2 with Ø 15 mm punching point every 10 cm.
Holding strength attachment point: 580 N = 59 kg.


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